Medical Negligence Claims

If you have suffered as a result of lack of care or the negligence of a medical practitioner or establishment or medical equipment provider, Doherty Solicitors can represent you through the process of making a claim.

Examples of Medical Negligence Claims include
  • medical misdiagnosis
  • gynaecological/obstetrical cases
  • surgical errors including cosmetic surgery
  • defective medical products

We have the expertise to assist victims with these and other medical negligence claims.

Most medical treatment in Ireland is of a high quality, and most professionals working in the medical industry are dedicated to providing the public with the best possible care. Nevertheless, mistakes do happen in this profession just like any other.

All medical professionals owe a duty to ensure that their patients receive the proper treatment in the safest possible and most efficient manner. This duty applies not only to doctors but to all healthcare professionals. If you have been injured due to a medical professional’s mistake or neglect (sometimes this is referred to as “clinical negligence”), you may be entitled to compensation.

Victims of clinical negligence may be entitled to compensation not only for the injury itself, but also for:
  • ongoing pain and suffering
  • financial expenses such as corrective medical treatment
  • rehabilitative services
  • pain
  • distress
  • or loss of faculty
  • loss of earnings
  • loss of future earning capacity
  • support for dependents such as minors.


Establishing clinical negligence can indeed be a lengthy and complicated process, requiring:

  • a lot of sophisticated knowledge of medical procedures and terminology
  • fact investigation
  • reports from experts in the field often from abroad

Therefore, it is important to contact a solicitor ASAP if you think you have been injured by a medical professional. You only have a certain time limit to raise a claim.

if you require further information in relation to a potential medical negligence claim or wish to make an appointment contact us.