Cyber Bullying Solicitor

Rapid advances in technology have brought new risks and challenges to our society. A shocking but very real consequence of the technological boom is online attacks or cyber bullying which causes its victims to experience a wide range of negatives from mental misery to missed workplace promotions.

People from all walks of life are affected by this phenomenon which can be ‘systematic and ongoing’. A cyber-attack can include any form of harassment via text message, instant chat, email, videos, social networking sites, apps, voicemails, and silent phone calls. Below are examples of cyber bullying and cyber harassment:

  • Offensive material contained in Social Network sites / chat rooms / blogs.
  • Bogus profile pages. People can hide behind the mask of anonymity of bogus profile pages on social networks.
  • Bullying at school and publication of offensive e-mails and YouTube clips.

Doherty Solicitors gives a voice to those who have suffered from this form of bullying and will give credible and robust representation on your behalf to employers, social media sites and others who have implemented or facilitated bullying behaviour against you.

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