A Legal Opinion from Doherty Solicitors is Always Worth It

31st Mar 2015

Injured Parties Should Always Seek Specialist Legal Opinion

An increasing trend in the insurance sector is direct approaches to those who have suffered a personal injury. In such approaches, an offer of compensation and quick settlement is made. It is often suggested that there is no need for legal representation.

Those who have suffered a personal injury are strongly advised to contact a specialist personal injury solicitor such as Frank Doherty to get their offer assessed. They will thus be in a better position to decide if they wish to accept the offer or enlist professional representation.

In a recent case, handled by Doherty Solicitors, a large insurance company, a well-known brand, approached an injured party directly and offered a settlement figure of €20,000 as a ‘full and final settlement’ without recourse to legal representation.

This could have been the conclusion of the matter but the injured party was advised by a relative to discuss the matter with Doherty Solicitors who considered that the offer was below the usual quantum for the injuries involved. When invited to represent the injured party, Doherty Solicitors secured a swift out-of-court settlement of €90,000 after all costs were paid.

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