Personal Injury Award for Workplace Accident

06th Mar 2015

Personal injury cases continue to require professional representation. Whilst many cases are settled out of court, the following case demonstrates that some cases do go all the way to court and injured parties should avail of the best professional representation.

A retail chain employee who suffered an injury in a workplace accident, a judgement was made against the employer for not providing adequate training or supervision. The case was reported in the Irish Times on 23/02/2015 as follows:

A retail chain that failed to give manual handling training was liable for injuries to employee. Meus vs Dunnes Stores (2014) IEHC 639 (High Court, Barr J, December 17th, 2014) The High Court awards damages of €85,255 to an employee of a large retail chain due to back injuries suffered by her while lifting a large box, on the basis that the employer had not provided her with adequate manual handling training or supervision.

– Conor O’Higgins

Commenting on the judgement and award, Frank Doherty advises that, in personal injury cases, professional representation is always advisable to ensure the best outcome. As a personal injury litigator, Frank is conscious that many injured parties settle without legal representation, often after direct offers from insurance companies, and this may not be in their best interests.

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